First, it is pertinent to review a few issues. No sooner than the whistle for electionairing campaigns was blown, Nigerians were treated to a babel of voices. These were the voices of men and women who claimed to hear from God, or demons, or even witches. Obviously people hear all kinds of voices and non is without significance. In all, some of the voices turn out to be mere guess work masqueraded as predictions. It is particularly worrisome because many of such fellows were either trying to make themselves heard or were hired for financial gains. We must not forget the major candidates of this election; their makeups and anticidents.

It would be recalled that the particulars of some of them were shrounded in mystery. While Nigerian could clearly read and discern the right candidates to vote for based on their history, character, capacity, public record and health, the Nigerian people were heavily bombarded with lies by hired agents whose business is to talk for a living. Most noticeable and belligerent among them is Mr Femi Fani kayode, a former aviation minister and I learnt he is the son of a former minister. In time past I felt that he is enlightened and well bred. However, I searched widely to know him better and found out that as Baba Obansajo has noted that “he sings for whosoever fits him”.
This i discovered to be true because as the election was drawing nearer, I read some of his writeups were he very strongly criticized the former vice president, Mr Atiku Abubakar but was one of the first to visit and pay homage when Atiku returned to the country. More than that, he sang for Goodluck Jonathan against Tinubu.
According to Premium Times (6th March 2015), this same Femi Fani Kayode had lampooned Mr Tinubu questioning the APC match in Lagos. An old video released about October, 2020 saw Femi Fani Kayode saying that Tinubu has made the greatest mistake of his life because the North will not accept him.
This same man is the one now singing for Tinubu as a spokesman. What is painful about his character and approach is that he opens his mouth so wide to insult people even his superiors. His vituperation is unrivaled in the history of political spokemanship. Sometimes, one wonders if he merits the background that he parades. The fact that a man is a spokes person or an agent to a political big wig does not give him the license to insult people or make statements that cannot be defended.
Another spokes person worthy of mention here is Mr Dino Melaye, a former senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. This man is the spokes person for the PDP presidential candidate, Mr Atiku Abubakar, he shouts like a wounded lion when making his points. He mocks and seem ready for physical fight. He is equally foul-mouthed just like Femi Fani Kayode. All of these manifestations do not meet the standard of good spokesmanship. It could be done differently without public outcry. Still talking about spokes persons, it is important to mention Mr Festus Keyamo. Mr Festus Keyamo is the spokes person for the APC presidential candidate, Mr Asiwaju Tinubu. Many years ago, I mistook Mr Keyamo for a radical poised for change, however I soon found out that he is one of those bright Nigerians who is just satisfied with acquiring wealth. Like his brother Femi Fani Kayode, he sings for whosoever fits him. This point is evident on the fact that some years back, in a case titled Keyamo v. Lagos State House of Assembly with docket number 1D/639M/99 in 1999. Keyamo convoked all 41 members of the house before Justice C. O Segun of Lagos State High court and insisted that the chief judge investigates Tinubu for forgery.
Today, on the platform of political expediency Keyamo has been repackaging the Asiwaju to confuse the voting public. This is how Nigeria happens to her own people. In all, it appears that these aforementioned spokes persons, shout, curse, and kick instead of profer reasoned arguments.
It will seem that they’re only motivated by stomach infrastructure.
Finally about the spokes persons, one must mention the place of Barr. Kenneth Okonkwo of the Labour Party. This man seemed to have perfected the act of public speaking that people easily get drawn to him. Much more than that, he’s principal, Mr Peter Obi appears to have an irreducible untainted credentials that propel the youths to be scrambling for him. His perspective is also fansinating to “take back our country”.
Indeed the future belongs to the youth and only the young ones can take us there.  So, Kenneth Okonkwo only had to speak to the observable credentials of his principal without vituperation. Indeed, his approach added style to the work of spokesmanship. No wonder a fellow remarked that those well gifted will excel anywhere. This man excelled in the film industry and he’s excelling here too. It will also be worthy of mention that the spokes persons of the other smaller parties could not be hard enough during the electionairing campaigns.
In conclusion, some spokes persons only succeeded in cajoling, intimidating and compelling the people to buy their views. In the process they made what should have been a beautiful interaction with the various contestant a sort of war thereby heating up the polity. And because they lack conscience, they refuse to accept part of the responsibility when their principals whom they have trumpted into power fails to perform. The consequences of promoting a wrong leader will happen to everyone but more especially the masses.


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