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A Man Called Kevlar.


Many of you may recognize Kevlar from a viral video interview with World Microphone London where he was introduced to us as a book hunter and time traveller.

He also makes movies, has a passion for fitness, natural remedies for healthy living and is on a quest to make the world a better place one day at a time.

After chatting with him briefly and getting to know some of what he is about, I believe that his journey is one many of us could benefit from and, as I uncover the layers about him over time, we will share more interesting conversations we have.

So, let’s get to meet Kevlar.

Phone Rings…

Cathy: Hi. This is Cathy.

Kevlar: Hi Cathy. How are you?

Cathy: I am fine, thank you. Nice to finally speak with you.

Kevlar: Yea. Great to connect.

Cathy: Yea. So, I’m going to try to make this as quick as possible ‘cos I imagine you are a busy person. Before that World Microphone interview did people know much about you?

Kevlar: Not to the extent that they do now before I went viral. I have had an active involvement in my community through different networks and I’ve been producing content for a while as well so, I was known but not how I am now.

Cathy: Did it all take you by surprise?

Kevlar: It did. I wasn’t expecting to go viral. It was quite interesting to see the DMs coming in and all the notifications on my social media so…

Cathy: You mentioned that you studied law. Have you been called to bar yet?

Kevlar: I graduated in Law, but I haven’t sought that as a profession. But I have started my own company. I am keeping that under the radar for now. I am still trying to attract funding, trying to expand my team. I am self-employed.

Cathy: Ok. You produced a couple short films in the last three years- “Freesolation”, “Glass Chamber” …” Glass Chamber” was really cool by the way, at least the bits and snippets of it that I saw online. What got you interested in filmmaking?

Kevlar: When I was younger, I wanted to get into the Arts. I loved dancing, I loved performing so that’s where it stuck with me and at university, I was experimenting a lot creatively in different societies; I was getting involved in music and photography and then I was just suddenly inspired to create these films. I have been writing for many years. I haven’t publicised that about myself because I am still trying to figure out how I want to use social media. Trust me I’m a very err…. I’m not… I don’t really like social media. I don’t like what it does to people. There are good and bad…Sorry, I was kind of answering your question…What was I going to say?

Cathy: No, it’s good. It’s perfect. Fine. You don’t like social media…

Kevlar: Exactly. I don’t know how much to express-what to show and what not to show. And people, they go on a page, and they make a whole bunch of assumptions. So back to your question. I’ve been a writer for many years writing stories, writing essays and I just wanted to try screen writing, so I wrote “Glass Chamber” and “Freesolation”.

Cathy: I often wonder how you take your pictures. Do you have a photographer that follows you around or are you a self-timer guy?

Kevlar: (He laughs) I have a photographer

Cathy: Ok. Cool. So, we’ve talked about your film making, we’ve talked about your law degree. You’ve got an online bookshop, right?

Kevlar: Yes

Cathy: How does that run?

Kevlar: It is called “Kevlar’s Bookshop”. Sometimes I’ll do a pop up where I’ll pop up somewhere in London with a whole bag of books and display them on a table, see who comes along and who buys. For quite a few years I’ve been a book collector and I’ve always been an avid reader. I created this bookshop because my house was starting to have way too many books and it was getting my family pretty upset. I have over five shelves stacked with books and then I have some more books in some boxes; I already donated a couple hundred books to charities. It’s kind of like an obsession, a hobby, and a real love as well. I really love literature.

Cathy: Are you hoping to start some kind of community library when you get the right funding?

Kevlar: Yes. That is something that I want to do. I also want to start a book club. I’m collaborating with a restaurant on this. One day I hope to have a couple bookstores. I just want to reach out to people who love reading, who love sharing knowledge and who love getting knowledge. I want to inspire that culture. Because of social media, people aren’t doing much digging anymore. I want to inspire the younger generation to read more, you know, to find books cool again and the whole self-exploration that comes with it.

Cathy: Was there any adult in your life that introduced you to the world of books or is it something that you just found yourself naturally drawn to?

Kevlar: I remember when I was in year 7, there was a library book sale and I remember just going there and I was just in love. I couldn’t believe that all these books were only like 50p each, so I ended up coming home with like three bags of books. So that’s kind of what started it. So, I can’t say there was any adult who introduced me into the world of books. It was purely self-exploration.

Cathy: I imagine you’ve got more books than clothes, right?

Kevlar: Definitely! I spend a lot more money on books than pretty much anything else. I don’t have many clothes and I like it that way.

Cathy: What is the most memorable book you ever read? You know that one book you find yourself looking for an excuse to go back to now and again

Kevlar: There are two books; One is a story book and the other one is a self-help book. So, I’ll go to the story book first. The story book I find myself going back to is called “The Glass Bead Game” by Herman Hesse. That was the first book were I really found myself enter the world of the story. It was a unique experience…

Read the Full Interview HERE


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