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Popular pop singer and songwriter, in Nigeria, Kelly Handsome claims that all Ashawos have now turned to public figures and influencers.

The singer on his Instagram page advised men to be very careful when choosing a partner as many prostitutes are now celebrities.

In his words he said:

All the Ashawos have turned to public figures and influencers. They are now proudly justifying it publicly. That is why I advice young men of nowadays to be careful, especially we the celebrities. Every girl will be like her mother, just know this. So, before you date anyone, please conduct a proper background check. I’m not saying they’re condemned or anything like that, I’m just reminding you that a goat can never give birth to a lion. There are so many strong invisible forces daily distracting us all from facing reality. This is life, not a rehearsal. Ejikwala aka gi gbuo onwe gi, muru anya. 👀


Before you think of getting married to someone who thinks all women are prostitutes, remember she already told you. Ogwakwara gi agwa o so don’t complain. If your wife is a friend to such a person or persons, just know that she’s a member. Not saying you should run away from her but just know say she dey open leg wide. To realize is a very big thing so your problem is half solved knowing this fact. Na them. 💯

With these facts, I hereby break this table permanently. ❌

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