Apollo versus Twice as tall – Which is hotter?

The answer to what’s up there is like a synopsis of a news story. The piece of information is listed in one of our reports. To clarify, the reports came in some moments ago.

Will you like to read?
So, you’ll give an answer to the question that directed you here- Yourself!

Long Long ago, Alderweird habituates in the greens. He got used to eating wild fruits. Fast forward, Alder feels he is weird. The young man is in confusion. Therefore, if he lives his entire life here – then the forest trees birthed him, he daresay!

However, he conflicts on his instincts. To him, only humans can identify their uniqueness.  Notions settles like dust in his mindhall, throwing humanistic feelings like spears.

Have you ever been this confused?


Apollo, Gold Or Twice as Tall – which will turn out the best?


The Nigerian music sphere is witnessing a revolution. Certainly, the artistes must be fighting the same course. More of which centres on moving the industry to the next level.

Twice as tall dropped earlier before Apollo. That is to say, the reactions towards the collection is expected. Truth be told, Burna Boy is in the mainstream of major applications.

But, have these people tried Apollo?

Apollo is like Fireboy’s gift to humanity. The soul touching remittance is second to none. Most importantly, the populace on his side are boasting of the clarity in his tone.

For better comparison, download the two albums below

Fireboy || Apollo

DOWNLOAD ALBUM: Fireboy DML – Apollo

Burna Boy || Twice As Tall

[Full Album] Burna Boy – “Twice As Tall”

Likewise, I need you to know that I’m for Apollo.

Over to you, which is best?


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