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Male secondary school students in Bauchi State have protested the state government’s new policy separating boys and girls.

Students from most of the secondary schools in Bauchi disrupted commercial activities as they marched along major streets to the Emir’s Palace and the ministry’s headquarters to express their grievances.

The students carried placards with various inscriptions opposing the new education system, which they strongly opposed, claiming that it is backwards in terms of education in the twenty-first century.

Some of them who spoke to journalists said that the new system will make them lag in the area of social interaction as well as portray them as immature people.

The protesting students also chastised the Education Ministry for not including them in the decision-making process, emphasizing that they, too, have a say in decisions that affect them.

They are thus appealing to Bauchi State Governor Bala Mohammed to investigate the situation and reverse the government’s decision by reverting to the old co-educational system, which they claim promotes social interaction.

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