August 7, 2022

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Multiple online streaming platforms have started their services in Africa. Local live streaming services in Africa have recently combined with other online global channels like Netflix and Amazon to provide international streaming services.

It isn’t easy to stream live matches in Nigeria. Therefore, we have prepared this list of the best streaming services for sports.
These live streaming services plan to improve their quality and compatibility with each device available in the market, consequently increasing their viewership.

Why It’s Difficult to Livestream Matches in Nigeria?

Globally football fans always wish to watch their football team play through live streaming services. But for a country like Nigeria, there are multiple global challenges for live streaming.
From capacity issues to playback, some challenges make it difficult for them to live stream. Some of the common problems that might occur while trying to stream live matches in Nigeria are:

  • Bandwidth the issues
  • Choosing the poor encoder
  • Poor streaming quality
  • Other common problems like playback.

Ways to Live Stream Matches in Nigeria

Where can I watch a live match? If you have been wondering this, know there are various ways to live stream matches in Nigeria.
During the football season, you can watch your favorite teams play and show off their skills through a live match. There are multiple techniques available to live stream a game, but here are four authentic ways available.

  1. Use streaming services, which are one of the most convenient options. There are a variety of streaming websites available in the market, ranging from Netflix to Amazon. Subscribe to them and watch the matches. But before buying the subscription, ensure that the streaming services you use are suitable for the entire season so that you can manage everything in continuity.
  2. Mobile application is the second technique available to watch live streaming matches. You can download any live streaming applications from the App Store and watch them. While some of these applications are free, others are available for premium payment.
  3. The third option is the social media website, where you can easily find a live streaming link for the matches. You can use Facebook and Twitter to watch these matches as a live stream.
  4. Finally, you can also use a decoder app like VPN to live stream matches on foreign channel applications like sky sports and the BBC. You can watch Live football matches today using this facility.

5 Streaming Services for Sports Available in Nigeria

What streaming services are available in Nigeria? It might be a common question for most people when a soccer match or a football match is happening. Under such a situation, the best option is to go for streaming services since it offers you global access.
Many streaming services have combined the Nigerian TV channel with offering live streaming for global customers and subscribers. Let us now look at some of the best options in the market.

1. Netflix

The TV Multichoice Group Ltd has partnered with Netflix to provide a live streaming service for the global audience. They have implemented a new decoder to keep the Subscribers and to gain more viewers. Netflix provides a subscription based on yearly and monthly payments you can use to log in and watch live sports.
But do you know how to access any blocked content in your country?
All you need is a good VPN app such as VeePN. This VPN app is available as a free trial and in the premium version. Initially, you can try this VPN on a free trial. You can browse this site for more details about it. If VeePN suits your needs, you can live stream the matches using the premium version.

2. VIPBoxSports

VIPBoxSports is an essential and unique platform that streams a wide range of football matches and live TV programs.
Along with multiple live streaming channels, it provides a link to watch all the sports activities happening in Asia, the US, and Europe. From cricket to soccer, you can watch anything, including sports activity, in Nigeria.

3. Multichoice

As mentioned above, Multichoice Group Ltd is a leading platform that offers TV streaming services in Nigeria.
But with the advancement in digital technology, they have altered the year and ability to provide live streaming of marchers and other TV series on mobile phones and other digital devices through their application and website platform.

4. Supersport

Supersport streaming services provide a wide range of live stream matches for a global audience, including the people in Nigeria.
Along with high-quality television series, they stream live sports matches and are available in all countries. It also supports the DSTV satellite platforms. It is free to download, and there is no need for a subscription.

5. DStv

DStv Is a television channel and an application that streams a wide range of programs and Livestream sports in multiple countries.
This channel has combined with other streaming services like super sport to reach the global audience with its programs. It has applications in countries like Nigeria to stream live matches ranging from cricket to football. It has a subscription price, and the basic plan is free.


Along with the wide range of its sports streaming services in Nigeria, other live streaming services are available through websites and social media platforms.
When you watch these live streaming programs, improve the security by using a VPN service.
Combined with access to local portals, it offers protection for many. Watch live sports matches today and enjoy the season with these fantastic live streaming services listed above.



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