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Big Brother Titans is here—the biggest reality TV show in Africa. This edition is the first of its kind, mixing Nigerian and South African housemates together to compete for a grand prize of $100,000. This edition of Big Brother Titans is tilted: ZIYAKHALA WAHALA.

Housemates List

1. Khosi (South African): Has 2 degrees (studies). She says she will love to learn a lot about Nigeria food and culture. She is a Zulu.

2. Yemi Cregx (Nigerian): He hails from the city of Lagos, Nigeria.

3. Juicy Jay (South African): He’s a rugby player.

4. Olivia (Nigerian): She is 23 years old. She’s an actress and an influencer. She says if she wins the grand prize, she’ll take care of her family and pursue her dreams.

5. Nelisa (South African): She says she thinks other women are intimidated by her. She hails from Capetown, South Africa. She revealed that she is currently single, and her type of man is one that is dark and handsome.

6. Blaqboi (Nigerian): He’s 26 years old, from Jos, Nigeria. He says he’s bringing adventure and competition to the house.

7. Mmeli (South African): He’s a content creator and model. He says he is here to have fun and wants to learn a lot about the Nigerian culture.

8. Nana (Nigerian): She’s 22 years old, from Kaduna, Nigeria. She revealed that she’s going to the house with no strategy. She says she’s here for the enjoyment and the fame Big Brother brings.

9. Ipeleng (South African): She’s a 25-year-old lawyer. She says she’s here to experience Nigerian people and their culture. She’s says her strategy in the Big Brother house is to lay low, but it may be difficult to do so because of her height.

10. Marvin (Nigerian): He’s 29 years old. He hails from Port Harcourt, Nigeria and is a chemical engineer by profession. He’s says he’s single and ready to mingle.

11. Thabang (South African): He’s 21 years old. He says he’s interested in modeling and music. He says he is single and ready to find love. He reveals that he’ll use the lessons he has learned from life to get far in the game.

12. Jaypee (Nigerian): She hails from Lagos, Nigeria. She says she’s here to have fun— and looks forward to the Saturday night parties. She added that she’s also on the show to look for hot men. She also revealed that she is here to meet new people and make new friends.

13. Yaya (South African): She’s 31 years old, and is from Eastern Cape, South Africa. She revealed that she is going to keep her eyes on the game. She says she’s on the show to experience the Nigerian culture, food, dance and Nigerian men. She disclosed that she’ll be in a bikini all the time to distract everybody while she plotting her strategy to win the game.

14. Ebubu (Nigerian): He hails from Anambra, Nigeria. He is 28 years old, and is a model and actor. He says he intends to fall in love in the show.

15. Khehla (South African): He’s 31 years old from Free State, South Africa. He’s a sales executive by profession, and describes his personality as honest and jovial. He revealed that he enjoys partying and alcohol. He says he has no strategy.

16. Jenny O (Nigerian): She’s a health specialist and safety personnel. She describes her personality as being audacious and stubborn. She’s 25 years old, and from Imo, Nigeria.

17. Tsatsi (South African): She’s 24 years old and hails from Pretoria, South Africa. She revealed she’s studying to become a bioengineer.

18. Kanaga Jnr (Nigerian): He hails from Abia, Nigeria. He says he gives a young but old vibes.

19. Justin (South African): He’s 21 years old from East London, East Cape, South Africa. He is a content creator and a photographer. He says he loves going out, meeting new people, and also loves to dance.

20. Yvonne (Nigerian): She’s a model, skin care enthusiast, and is interested in interior designing. She’s hails from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria, and is 27 years old. She says people find her intimidating.

20 housemates in the house, and the fun kicks off in the Big Brother Titans house. Stay tuned.

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