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The International Football Association Board has announced plans to implement a blue card in professional football as part of sin-bin experiments, according to The Daily Mail.

This will be the first new colour of card extensively used in 50 years.

The usage of red and yellow cards in football began in 1970.

It was supposedly introduced by English referee Ken Aston at the FIFA World Cup in Mexico.

Since then, red and yellow cards have become widely adopted by football associations worldwide as a disciplinary measure for players’ misconduct on the field.

According to reports on Thursday, the International Football Association Board will announce the development on Friday as part of new rules that will see players ejected from the pitch for 10 minutes if they commit a cynical foul or show discontent towards a match referee.

This change will add a new dimension to player dismissals, with players facing expulsion if they receive two blue cards during a match or a combination of a blue and a yellow card.

Elite trials may begin as early as the summer, though top-tier tournaments will not initially engage in the testing phase.

This suggests that FA Cup and Women’s FA Cup matches may be included in trials, with the FA allegedly considering offering next season’s events for testing.

New cards have previously been introduced on a smaller scale on the continent, with Portugal recently enacting a new measure to recognise excellent sportsmanship.

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