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In an interview with the Sun on Sunday, the prime minister says he was given “litres and litres of Oxygen” to keep him alive.

He says his week in London’s St Thomas’ Hospital left him driven by a desire to both stop others suffering and to get the UK “back to its feet”.

“It was hard to belive that in just a few days my health had deteriorated to this extent”

“The doctors had all sorts of arrangement for what to do if things went badly worng”. He told the Sun.

His recovery, he says, was down to “wonderful, wonderful nursing”.

Mr Johnson says he felt “LUCKY” given so many other were still suffering, Adding: “And so if you ask me, ‘Am i driven by a desire to stop other people suffering?’, Yes i absolutely am.

“But i am also driven by an overwhelming desire to get our country as a whole back on its feet, health again, going forward in a way that we can and i’m very confident we ‘ll get there”.