Doctor narrates how a boy narrowly escaped from the hands of ritualists

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Nigerian doctor identified on Twitter by his handle as @drpenking has taken to social media to narrate how a boy (currently his patient) narrowly escaped from the hands of ritualists.

Recounting the unfortunate incident, he narrated how the boy was hypnotised by the charm of the men which was in form of a handkerchief.


On getting to the bush where the execution was to take place, his patient was rejected by the diabolic priest who set free him.

Currently, the victim is having a mental breakdown as he continually sees the faces of the men who wanted to kill him in other people’s faces and can’t let go of the picture of the place.

He wrote:

“So today my patient was a ritualist den escapee. He is 16 years old. He went to JAMB office to sort out issues. On his way back, he boarded a tricycle. He was initially close to the door of the keke but halfway, the passenger at the middle said he wanted to drop.

After removing his wallet, he told the rider that this doesn’t look like the place he wanted to drop, that it’s the next U-turn. He asked the young boy to shift to the middle after all he’d soon drop. He innocently shifted to the middle.

Next thing he removed a white handkerchief and he wasn’t himself again until he found himself in the middle of a bush. He was with the three younger guys(rider plus 2 passengers) that took him there and an elderly man…”

Read the story below:

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