“End Covid-19 Scam Now” – Nigerians Reacts

“End Covid-19 Scam Now” – Nigerians Reacts

Many Nigerians has on Twitter called out the Nigeria Center For Disease Control, NCDC, over the everyday rising cases of Coronavirus in Nigeria. The new Twitter trending hashtag #EndCovidScamNow. Some Citizens has also pointed Out that there might be so much foul play concerning the Coronavirus cases in Nigeria.
As many are very conscious of this dangerous virus, many Nigerians still believe that the virus is all a scam and government means of embezzling public funds.
Others, however, who stands on the opinions that the very present here, but the figures been presenting by NCDC is really an exaggeration by the government and NCDC.

Some Twitter users has also shared that the disease control agency needs to be transparent and truthful when it comes to presenting the Covid-19 confirm cases and every other things such as the isolation centers,
Detaining Patients Many and releasing patients whom were discharged as they went further to compare other countries with the NCDC which has much higher cases compare to Nigeria.

Nigeria citizens illustrated by mentioning some countries with the Covid-19 cars such as the UK,USA, Italy and some rich countries all over the world which are also infected with the viral pandemics.
Again, many users also went further revealing that Nigerian government is just using the figures to scared her citizens and as well embezzle public funds.
Having talking concerning the isolation centers, some Twitter users shared some video footage of activities that happens as it seems like the people in isolation centers are really dying of hunger.
The Nigeria Center for Disease Control, NCDC, is yet to defends herself on the allegations laid against them as many citizens are pleading on them to stop updating them everyday with fake numbers but with verified evidence that must back up their confirmed cases.

Some Twitter users however, reacted to a letter which was allegedly sent by the president of USA, Donald Trump, to the World Health Organization (WHO) after been alleged that the the US government had discovered some medicinal for the viral Covid-19.

The Twitter viral trend #EndCovidScamNow, is not against the facts that there are no confirmed cases in Nigeria but instead, it’s suggesting that the Nigerian Government and the Disease agency have not been truthful enough concerning the figures been presenting to Nigerians daily and again those whom where discharged and sent home by the agency.
The few people who recently joined this trending Twitter hashtag are mostly students and concerns Citizens who expressed their opinimons in the government affairs as so many of them had cried out that they wants to return to their daily activities.

Seee screenshots below;

We are all awaiting the NCDC agencies clarification on these reasons, the call for truth has to be noted seriously if the war against the viral Covid-19 pandemic will only be play between the bodies concerns.

It will interest us to take a wise decision for every Nigeria citizens to always adhere to the various health sectors Preventive measures against the virus.
Avoid crowded places, practice social distancing,washing of hands regularly with a running water amongst many others to remain safe and healthy.

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