[Exclusive Interview] “Do you really like me” Crooner – Ugoccie

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Hello beautiful people, It’s yet another episode of the 9DF celebrity gist and we’re excited. If you have ever bounced to this song “Do you really like me or scope kàiji alam”, then you already know who we have on the show today.

One of Nigeria’s finest Emerging Acts right now, even though she’s been on the corridors of entertainment for quite a while. Her contents have gone viral so many times, we have lost count, we might even be tempted to call her the queen of viral contents, with her ingenious command of Igbo and English language in her songs and contents, she tends to keep her audience spell bound.
She’s no other person but (Drumrolls)
the delectable Ugoccie.

First off, it’s such an honor to get to discuss with you today Ugoccie.

Alright let’s dig in

Deks: Ugoccie, how do you pronounce that “Ugochi” or “Ugo-cee” because we find some of us getting confused

Ugoccie: Ugochi

Deks: Beautiful, can we meet you Ugoccie.

Ugoccie: Sure, I am Favour Ugochi Anosike, I hail from Abịa State, I am the first of four kids and I grew up in Aba. I’m a graduate of Microbiology from Alex Ekweme Federal University Ndufu Alike Ikwo (AE-FUNAI).

Deks: How did music start for you?

Ugoccie: I’d say 2018, when I would always make covers to popular songs of most influential artists, but I’ve always sang as a child though.

Deks: So we’ve followed your growth from back in the day when you still went by the moniker “Itootok”, we’ve also seen massive transformation, from that to who we now know as Ugoccie, what brought about this change?

Ugoccie: I used to be a radio girl back in the day after I finished my youth service, cos I was just in love with the media space.
I did radio whilst doing covers (hence the name Itootok). I was a pidgin OAP…lol.
When I decided to do music fully, I thought to use my real name Ugochi, that’s how.

Deks: How do you create your music? Do you just vibe and freestyle or you go old school (sit and write first)?

Ugoccie: I like to write. So, Sit & write it is, I like to think I’m an old soul.

Deks: How did it feel to go viral for the first time?

Ugoccie: Crazy, I woke up and my followers just went up. It’s crazy, can’t explain how it feels.

Deks: Tell us a little about your musical journey and how it has led up to your mainstream breakthrough

Ugoccie: In November of 2018 one of my covers went viral, Kizz Daniel ft. Davido – “One Ticket” and it’s been amazing since then, I featured Duncan Mighty in my song “Disappoint them” in year 2019.
In January 2021, I dropped another single “No Wahala”, in March, 2021 the popular “Do you Really Like me” cover of Rotimi’s “in my bed” spread like wild fire and became a hit song everywhere.
Recently I also put out “Obi Cubana” which has received so much love from various persons as well.
My songs have received massive airplay’s on major radio stations like Cool FM, Naija FM, Star FM, Wazobia FM, Dream FM and so many other stations. The intention is to continue.

Deks: So, we know you’re working on the video for your spanking new single “Obi Cubana”, tell us about that.

Ugoccie: The video is out already and the reception has been great.

Deks: Ugoccie, 5years from now, what’s the big dream?

Ugoccie: Nothing is guaranteed but God willing, I’d want to have had a big influence on Afro indigenous music and ultimately, be happy.

Deks: What were the challenges you had as a musician coming up?

Ugoccie: It’ll always be people saying “singing in Igbo!”, it won’t work for a lady. Money (Finance) too.

Deks: Here comes the juicy part *Wink*

Some of your fine male fans who by the way, (really like you without scope….lol ), would love to know if you are single or in a relationship

Ugoccie: Let’s leave matter for Matthias biko 🤪

Deks: What does your perfect man look like, if you’re into that type of thing?

Ugoccie: Smart, industrious, God fearing and he Should know how to treat a lady.

Deks: If Ugoccie wasn’t a Musician, what would she rather be doing right now?

Ugoccie: A photographer

Deks: Say something to your fans and then to upcoming artistes that look up to you.

Ugoccie: I love you all my fans and to the upcoming artists, your dreams are valid, don’t let anybody tell you less.

Deks: How can your fans reach you (Your Socials)

Ugoccie: @Ugoccie on all platforms, Official Ugoccie on YouTube.


Thank you very much Ugoccie for finding time within your busy schedule to make this interview happen, we wish you the best as you blossom in the industry.


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