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Excitement is sweeping through Nigeria as reports suggest the gender of the twins born to popular singer Davido and his wife, Chioma.

Social media is abuzz with congratulations and well-wishes following this delightful news of a double blessing for the couple.

In a heartwarming revelation, Stella Dimorkokokus shared that Davido and Chioma have welcomed a son and a daughter into their family. This marks a beautiful turn of events for the couple, who tragically lost their son in the past. Now, they are celebrating the arrival of two little ones to brighten their lives.

The news of Davido and Chioma’s twins has ignited a wave of celebration on social media. People from around the world have expressed their joy for the couple as they embark on this new chapter of parenthood.

Social media users flooded platforms with congratulatory messages, extending their warm wishes to the family. Here are some of the reactions from netizens:

@senadarams: “For your shame, I will give you double…God’s words never fail. He honors His word above His name. Glory to God Almighty.”

@iam_angelamaka: “Wow, congratulations to them and my elder sis. They gave birth the same day. God is the greatest.”

@edidem_ellanma1: “Only Stella can give us verified news. Congratulations 001 & 002.”

@sylvieroms: “I don’t know why I feel like screaming the roof down. I’m so glad and happy for them, I feel teary.”

@mary_ozioma_ozzy: “Chef Chi. Congratulations, my ship. God has shown how much He cares for you indeed.”

@ugoamaefule: “Thank you, Jesus. Congratulations 001 and 002. This will make the pain of Ifeanyi’s anniversary easier for them. God, protect and preserve these babies in Jesus’ mighty name.”

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