This week, Fulham winger Willian gave an interview to The Athletic and insisted he’d played well at his last club Corinthians.

The 34-year-old blamed injuries, adaptation and local pitches for why he struggled a little, but still claimed that he gave contribution to the team.

Covered by the Brazilian media, the interview became a reason of anger from Corinthians fans. The supporters had annoyed not only because of the poor form he had on his return to the club, but also because he left them just before some very important matches.

So as UOL columnist Menon now comments the quotes, he claims that the player had ‘no success’ in ‘justifying his failure’ at Corinthians, and clearly isn’t impressed with the comments.

“Willian said, in an interview in England, that he did not play badly at Corinthians. That he was the same Willian from the Premier League. He was not. If he had been, he would have gone to Arsenal and not to Fulham,” says Menon.

“He also said that there was a lack of adaptation to a new country. Was there? He didn’t go to a place of different culture, different customs. He was in Brazil, where he was born and lived until he was 19. At the club that revealed him and where he played from 11 to 19 years old. He also said that the pitches here are not as good as in England. True, but they are the same pitches where Gustavo Mosquito played better than him.”

Willian rescinded his contract with Corinthians in August and became a free agent. He then announced he was moving to Fulham, as he was pretty adapted to London following his years at Chelsea and Arsenal.

Since joining the Whites, he has one assist in two appearances.


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