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Ned Nwoko, a famous Nigerian politician and wealthy entrepreneur, has claimed that he turned down an invitation to join the OceanGate submersible mission owing to national obligations.

Nigerian politician, Ned Nwoko
Nigerian politician, Ned Nwoko

During a period of sorrow for his buddy, Hamish Harding, a British business magnate who tragically died while on a cruise to survey the Titanic’s wreckage, Ned Nwoko shared this revelation.

According to previous sources, Hamish and four others were confirmed dead after the Titan submarine they were onboard vanished off radar.

The submersible’s implosion resulted in the terrible death of all aboard.

OceanGate submersible
OceanGate submersible

In response to the devastating news, Ned Nwoko, a 62-year-old billionaire who was recently sworn in as a Senator representing Delta North, revealed that he had received an invitation to the Titan expedition but was unable to accept it due to prior commitments within Nigeria.

Taking to Instagram, the recognised businessman shared cherished images of moment he has shared with Hamish and communicated the following message:

Ned nwoko and hamish
Ned nwoko and hamish

“I have lost a very dear friend and business partner. Captain hermish Harding. We both went on a very dangerous expedition to the Southpole Antarctica few years back. He was a gulf stream pilot who flew across the world in a record breaking expedition by Guinness world record for circumnavigation of the earth some years ago. He descended into the Mariana. he also invited me on his space shuttle last year and this very Titan ill-fated adventure but I was tied down with national duties.

“Above all he was a partner on the various researches into eradication of malaria in Africa project. He was very enthusiastic about it and always gave his support at every given opportunity. His last message to me was this last Sunday when he told me they were ready to dive to the Titanic if the weather permits.

“He loved adventure and challenges. My heart bleeds for his dear wife and kids who have become family friends over the years. We will surely miss his wealth of experience.”

See his post below:

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