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Suella Braverman, the ousted Home Secretary, has responded to her dismissal by UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Sunak fired Braverman after she sparked public outrage with statements about rough sleeping being a “lifestyle choice” and criticism of the Metropolitan Police’s handling of recent pro-Palestinian protests.

Suella Braverman had often referred to London pro-Palestine marches as “hate marches.” She wrote to The Times that the rallies were “disturbingly reminiscent” of previous events in Northern Ireland, comments that were widely regarded as both provocative and untrue.

Her future was jeopardised last week when she refused to comply with Number 10’s request to tone down an essay comparing the pro-Palestinian Armistice Day event to sectarian marches in Northern Ireland.

She also sought to undercut the Metropolitan Police’s operational independence in the post, claiming that during the Covid-19 pandemic, lockdown protestors were “given no quarter” by police officers but Black Lives Matter activists were “allowed to break rules.”

Braverman promised after her dismissal that she would ‘have more to say’ now that she was no longer at the helm of the government.

‘It has been the greatest privilege of my life to serve as Home Secretary,’ she said. ‘I will have more to say in due course.’

It was also reported that Suella Braverman’s allies are set to gather in Parliament tonight to discuss their ‘next steps’ following her sacking as Home Secretary.

Two groups on the Tory Right are expected to meet together after Rishi Sunak removed Mrs Braverman as part of a dramatic Cabinet reshuffle.

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