August 14, 2022
A Throne Room Event

One of Throne Room's Guitarists

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I recently caught up with McAnthony Ben-Ameh, prolific songwriter, artist, and founder of “Throne Room”– a Christian worship music group based in Makurdi, Benue State of Nigeria for an interview.
Along with the release of their Ep, “Bridge”, album, “Burn”, and latest single “Jericho”, the group warms up for their live Easter event titled “Hope” at the Dream Events Centre, Makurdi-Benue State.

Cathy: How and why did you decide to start the worship group and movement called “Throne Room”?
McAnthony Ben-Ameh:
I felt that there was another way to have a worship event, different from what had become the norm, so I started Throne Room as an alternative. I believe sometimes people just want an atmosphere which de-emphasizes the vessels and emphasizes the power of corporate, focused worship. No frills, just a neutral arena where you can come and pour it all out…
Cathy: So far, what has been your favorite memory in starting this movement?
McAnthony Ben-Ameh:
Without a doubt, the testimonies from people who have been blessed via the events and the music. They make it all worthwhile.

Cathy: What have been the challenges of organizing worship events especially around music releases since your group started?
McAnthony Ben-Ameh:
Funding. We don’t have a worship center of our own, so we have to rent venues and equipment for each event. These expenses are borne largely out of our personal pockets. God has recently raised people who have helped to lighten the load, but there’s still quite a heavy burden to bear. Another challenge has been overcoming the surprising but sad misconception that we have come to “steal” members away from churches. It is a free, currently annual event held at a neutral venue with no face to it apart from Jesus Christ himself. Where are we stealing them to, heaven?

Cathy: Who are your favorite Christian songwriters?
McAnthony Ben-Ameh:
Hmmmmm…. let me start with Don Moen. He has been a foundational influence to me and I’m sure to a lot of other Christians especially around my age group. Mac Powell of Third Day is another one who represented a paradigm shift for me away from the familiarity of maranatha music. I’ve always loved a lot of the writing from Hillsong and Newsboys. More recently, Lauren Daigle, Travis Greene and Maverick music have been just wonderful. On the flip side, other influences have been Da Truth, LeCrae, Trip Lee and Flame.
Cathy: Who is your current favorite worship leader?
McAnthony Ben-Ameh:
Paul Amuta.

Cathy: What is your current favorite worship song?
McAnthony Ben-Ameh:
“Fall Down” by “Harvest”. Though it’ll probably change by the day after tomorrow
Cathy: Throne Room has an Easter event called “Hope” on April18, 2022. What should we expect and why should people go to it?
McAnthony Ben-Ameh:
“HOPE” is a return to the foundation of Throne Room. No breaks, no talks, no introductions, just unbroken worship. It is also a return to the arena after not only the pandemic but also some personal tragedy. People could do with a little hope, I’m hoping we’ll find it together, bowing before Him in His Throne Room…

This is an amazing era for Nigerian music. The sounds of the scene are penetrating markets across the globe. 
There’s worship, and then there’s Throne Room worship…
Throne Room is a nondenominational worship event led by worship leaders committed to honest worship. Their songs are written by McAnthony Ben-Ameh and you can experience them live on April 18, 2022 at the Easter event called “hope” at Dream Events Centre, Makurdi, Benue State. Nigeria.
The event will also be streamed online via the Throne Room Facebook Page.


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