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According to report,  BBNaija star Ka3na boasted about her achievements, claiming she has yet to see someone who can rub shoulders with her on this street because she is the only one for now.

Ka3na has a habit of boasting, and this time she claims that no one has ever accomplished what she has in the two years since being famous, claiming that she has yet to meet someone who can rub shoulders with her on the street.

Being alone, she claims, is a power that only a few people can bear these days, and she has essentially been in our faces for about two years without any help from coworkers or others.

Ka3na added that bagging her deals and winning has been legit and that’s legendary to be able to do that on her own expressing how proud she is of herself to be able to get to where she is on her own without any support from colleagues or people around.

She then bragged claiming she’s yet to see who can rub shoulders with her on this street as she’s the only Bosslady and is going to be chilling all out this year without stressing herself with any negative energy that comes her way we guess.


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