Leadership coaches and youth empowerment spokespersons talks on redrafting the Nigerian constitution

Nigerian youths outline reasons to redraft the constitution (SEE DETAILS)

Constitutions (or rule of law) are the works of men. The document is created by a group of persons to regulate their affairs. Most importantly, it defines the system of power sharing and outlines the rights of men. World countries adopt varying constitutions with regards to their density and ideologies.

In Nigeria, the sternness of constitutional supremacy cannot be found on the shortlist. Certainly, this is due to the need for a unified society in the face of multi-ethnicity. Therefore, the 1999 independent constitution is one to ensure the unison.

Leadership coaches and youth empowerment spokespersons organised a 3-day conference summit on Whatsapp. So, today marks the second day of the meeting. So, the group takes a session on : “Nigeria leadership: the flaws and way out”.

The group is yet to find a concrete name for itself. Subsequently, they are planning to launch a magazine. The journal will cover diverse topics on politics, news from the world of science, and the economy.

Lady (Evang.) Tinuke said:

” …… And remember, you are a leader in your own space. In other words, do not let anything lay you off your goal. There’s reason to revolutionize some norms. Certainly, we all know that the major part of the Nigerian constitution is not our craft. That is to say, some sections of the rising society are not favoured. A change or total draft can be magical, I think. Above all, we need to work towards this as an interest group. A number of the disparities …….”

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