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Mr. Justine Onu, a businessman, suffered heartbreak and developed high blood pressure after allegedly catching his wife, Joyce, having sex with his blood relation in their matrimonial home in FCT, Abuja.

As a result, he has filed a suit before the Customary Court in Jikwoyi, FCT, to dissolve his marriage to his embattled wife, Joyce.

An enraged Justine told the Court that his wife’s bad attitude and unscrupulous ways had caused him to become hypertensive. He claims he is now addicted to drugs as a result of the trauma caused by Joyce.

The petitioner informed the Court that his wife, Joyce, developed a character unbecoming of a wife, which has resulted in irreparable damage to the marriage and he was no longer interested and wanted the Court to dissolve the marriage so that he will move on with his life.

“My wife has been having extra-marital affairs with different men. The worst of it all is that I caught her having sex with a blood relative,” he said.

The petitioner also told the Court that his wife does not know how to manage things in the home; very wasteful and does not know that things are hard in the country.

“Whenever she decides to cook, she cooks excessively and the food ends up in the trash,” he said.

He further alleged that his wife, Joyce, was irresponsible and does not take care of the children.

However, the respondent, Joyce, however, denied all allegations brought against her.
The Presiding Judge, Labaran Gusau, further adjourned the matter for further hearing to enable the wife to respond to the allegations against her by her husband.

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