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Victoria Inyama, a Nollywood actress, has revealed stunning information about her previous marriage, including how her ex-husband, Godwin Okrim, used to beat her when Manchester united lose and also how he brings his girlfriend home while they were still married.

In the interview with Chude Jideonwo, Inyama stated she has an aversion to the football club because of the physical and mental abuse by her ex-husband.

The actress recalled how Okri usually “punched the TV” over the defeats, and when she complained, he would face her angrily and ask, “Did your father bring any TV to this house?”

Inyama claimed that even after leaving her former spouse, she experienced delight in the team’s losses, knowing that she had avoided a potential beating for the day.

“Even up till today, when there’s a football match and Man U loses, I’ll be saying, ha, thank God. Oh, today would have been a beating day; even my son knows, and he’ll be laughing,” she said.

The actress added, “The abuse didn’t stop, and it continued differently.”

According to Inyama, despite her complaints about the abuse, Okri did not stop but instead used her fame against her to keep her in the marriage.

“You are the actress, and you are the one people know, so if you go telling people your business, they are just gonna hate you. To be honest, nobody cares,” Inyama quoted her ex-husband.

The actress said she had hoped things would get better, but the more she “spoke about it, the more the abuse intensified.”

She said that despite the marriage ending in 2013, her ex-husband continued to exploit their children as leverage against her, so in 2019, she “had to go get full custody of the kids.”

The actress also recalled how Okri invited his mistress to their matrimonial home and would watch her (mistress) correct her on home management.

Victoria inyama

Victoria Inyama also recounted instances where her ex-husband would enter their home with another woman.

When asked by Chude if her husband was bringing his girlfriends home, she responded, “Oh wow, yes. There was even one instance where the girl was telling me what to cook. I should not be cooking meat; I should be cooking fish. Fish is healthier. I was just looking at this girl, and they were ‘working together.’”

Inyama also admitted to experiencing physical, psychological, and mental abuse during the marriage. She expressed amazement and disbelief while recalling the first time her spouse hit her.

The actress claimed that, despite quitting her job and moving to the UK for him, she had no regrets because she has two children.

“I don’t regret abandoning my career for my marriage because I have three beautiful children,” said Inyama, highlighting the sacrifices she made for her family. Despite the challenges, she remains resilient and determined.

“My ex-husband was physically, mentally, and psychologically abusing me. When my husband hit me for the first time, I didn’t believe it, I was in shock.”

On how she is healing, Inyama said, “I’m doing psychology. I’m trying, but there are certain things that have been instilled in me.”