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Diego Armando Maradona Junior, the son of the Argentine football legend Diego Maradona, believes his father did not die naturally.

Diego Maradona died in November 2020 from heart failure and pulmonary edoema, according to medical papers presented to his family.

Before his death, Maradona was recovering from brain surgery at his residence in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

However, his son, Maradona Junior, claims to know who is responsible for his father’s death and would battle for justice till the end of his life.

“There is an open investigation. We – his children – have a lot of faith in Argentine justice. I’m convinced that this should not have ended like this,” he told Mediaset.

“They killed my father. It is not my job to say who did it, I have my own idea but I can’t say it. They left him to his fate when something could have been done. I made a promise: until the last day of my life, I’ll fight for justice.”