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Seun Osewa, the founder of the popular microblogging platform Nairaland.com, has shed light on the site’s recent downtime, attributing it to actions made by the server provider in response to an abuse allegation.

Concerns arose among users on Monday night as they found themselves unable to access the platform, prompting worries about potential hacking incidents.

Following an inquiry, it was determined that the server was experiencing technical difficulties, displaying error messages indicating server faults, a circumstance Osewa confirmed as a result of neglecting a previously received abuse report.

Osewa described the sequence of events in a series of tweets on Tuesday morning, stating that while the reported offending information was swiftly removed, the server’s user interface was having problems in restoring functioning.

Osewa tweeted, “Nairaland’s server was taken down because I overlooked an abuse report that was originally sent on the 14th. After the takedown, I removed the offensive content.”

He further explained, “The UI for bringing back the server didn’t work, so it took hours to get support on how to get that done. Minutes after the forum was brought back, they took the server down again with no warning.”

Regarding the potential cause for the second takedown, Osewa speculated, “I’m guessing that the content I removed was still cached on Cloudflare servers, so they could still see it. I have cleared the caches now, but they are not communicating. I hope they will communicate tomorrow.”

He added that the process for reinstating the server might take up to 48 hours, as conveyed by the technical support team, mentioning, “The technical support team has informed me that only the abuse team has the power to reinstate our server, that their review could take up to 48 hours, and that nothing can be done to speed up the process.”

Throughout the circumstances, Nairaland users have expressed their support, offering ways to speed up the resolution of the problem. Some have asked Osewa to expand Nairaland into a comprehensive social media platform in order to avoid similar incidents in the future.

While the creator awaits a response from the server host’s abuse team, the platform’s users remain optimistic about a quick resolution to the outage issue.

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