Do we blame the system, the actors or the citizens?

The trivial thoughts of an average Nigerian when politics is the head word are match for grains of corn. That is to say, many don’t give a flinch about the result of what they term a failed system. So, we just live our lives the way it comes.

Inductively, it is a known fact that the government are bound to ensure the betterment of its people. The pledges at the point of swearing in should be a true guide. But, how many of our diplomats set the citizenry as priorities?

Nigeria and Nigerians in the face of the irregularities are still expectant. Everyone does care for a piece of cake mindless of the the baking process. To clarify, I will be charting this piece to discuss some of the faults in the Nigerian system.

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To begin, bureaucracy is one of the predominant feature of the Nigerian system. It is a framework where polities operate through complex and interrelated structures by vertical communication. Consequently, the slow pace of decision making in the country is as a result of these structures. A matter of general importance will have to pass the test of time before approval. Then, there will be concurrent cases of hampered growth as it is in Nigeria today.

Sequentially, ethnic chauvinism is another issue to look into. Firstly, the fact that we have major clans that subdue the minorities is aching. Also, the allocation of seats in the parliament is determined by the whims of ethnicity. After all, is this a sign of nationhood?

Gender based violence is also on the high side. The idea of inequality in terms of opportunities is nothing to write home about. The men have a greater ratio in leadership than women. Therefore, the clamour for women participation in national matters is expected. When will our political sphere witness an influx of women leaders?

Banditry, godfatherism and the unbalance nature of party politics are also matters worth our attention. There’s a will and therefore there’s a way. Who then knows the way?

Prof. Wole Soyinka have commented on the fetish rule behind letting the Edo/Ondo polls hold. He said : It appears that education has no real value to the government. So, they would let the leaders of tomorrow stay behind closed doors while balloting takes place. This is harmful! We need a rethink! We do”

This is a synopsis of the situation of things in Nigeria as things stand.

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