Nigerian Lesbian Laments As Family Members Disown Her

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A Nigerian lesbian and member of the LGBT community, identified as Amara has disclosed her next line of action after her family disowned her because of her preferred sexual orientation.

Amara, who happens to be a filmmaker, took to her Instagram page to give account on what she intends to do, after she was pushed out and rejected by her family.

She expressed that since her family refused to accept her because she was a lesbian, she no longer intends to make peace with them anymore.

She mentioned that she would try to stay away from from them as much as she can, till they decided to receive her back in love.

This was her post:

Yesterday the woman who birthed me and I had one of the most difficult conversations we’ve ever had. At the end, it was clear I should stop coming to her if I didn’t want to feel like a sin, or be told that I am a sin.

“She said people laughed at her when she walked down the street and I must be a selfish child to not think of my family and how my choices causes everyone pain. 

“I was able to tell her repeatedly ‘Mummy I am not a sin, I am not the reason you are hurting, you are hurting because Nigerians are judgemental and you won’t pick me, your child’

“She said she can’t pick me nor support me, that she just can’t; until I stop being a lesbian she can’t be proud of me. She can’t be happy with me. 

“She said of all her problems, I’m the number one. That I’m causing her so much pain and she cries because of me. She said her God will fight her enemies, the ones who possessed me to be a lesbian. 

“Right now, I’m on my bed, my head is banging, my body’s temperature is rising, I don’t want to be awake but I can’t sleep. I’m sad, I’m really sad.

“Somewhere along the line, I kind of nurtured and believed the idea that if I tried harder, my birth family will see me and respect me, but yesterday’s conversation made it clear that they don’t want a lesbian in their family. They don’t, they can’t.

“Their perfect perfect family is ruined if they accept that one of the children is a lesbian, so I’ve decided it’s time. it’s time, I’m extremely tired. it’s time. I’m done. I’m completely and utterly done. until they call for me with love, I’m not going back to that house again.

“I didn’t want to accept it but I have to now, I’m a lesbian woman and my birth family is utterly ashamed of me and don’t want me close. So, I’m done. I’m gone. it is done. I’m tired. I’m so so tired. I’m tired. I can’t keep trying. I’m tired. I’m tired. It’s done.”



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