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A Nigerian who disguised as a woman and tried to deceive a Catholic Church into wedding him, has died in accident days before his wedding.

The ‘woman’ known by her church members as Emmanuelle Adaolisa, died just a few days to her wedding. However, this was not the shocking part of the incident.

Evidently, Emmanuelle Adaolisa was a man named Ogoegbunam Emmanuel Nwolisa, with the Facebook username Itz Emmanuel Nwolisa.

Sometime in 2021, he stopped posting on his Facebook account and created a new identity where he disguised himself as a woman.

The man who was said to be a pharmacist changed his identity and took the name Emmanuelle Adaolisa enabling him to live as a woman.

He was also an active member of his Church’s choir in Port Harcourt and participated actively in the church as a woman.

Reports also had it that he had concluded his traditional marriage rites with a man, and also attended the marriage course in the Catholic Church ahead of a church wedding while he was living as a woman.

Just days before the church wedding, while he was on his way home after a church program, he got involved in a fatal accident and died instantly.

He was taken to the mortuary on Saturday, Feb. 4, where it was discovered that the body belonged to a male.

Those who were familiar with Emmanuel before he transitioned to a female, revealed that he had feminine behaviour, he loved to dance like a woman, and sang in a high-pitched voice like a woman making it hard for those who knew him as a woman to suspect a thing.

Furthermore, his fiance denied knowing Emmanuelle was a man.

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