Nigerians drag Mallam Daura over sentimental talks

How long will Mallam Daura hit the headlines?

After a critical analysis of Mallam Daura’s utterance, we can then say his words are eye openers. He talked his way of giving advice to the president if the need be. But, is that all his statement entails?

Mallam Daura, an ace politician, saw reasons to talk about the state of disunity in the country. The lot which many Nigerians attribute to the uneven creation of states in the second republic. To clarify, one can say the military head of states were bias in this regard.


I don’t force Buhari to buy my ideas – Mallam Daura

President Buhari is good, but I can’t force him to buy my ideas. Moreover, according to constitutional provisions he will not be able to run a third them. He won’t. As a result, I will advise Nigerians to look into competence over ethnicity. However, the seat allocation is like a boxing match. That is to say, major tribes claim rounds of tenuring”, Mallam Daura logged.


Of a truth, the federal character is written in the 1999 independent constitution.

Facts and theories shows that people, in real sense, are judgemental about cultural politics. In other words, all major ethnic groups want to see their own kind in the villa after the 2023 polls.


Dignitaries, ranging from Arewa publicity secretary to the Baifran major shared what they felt about Daura’s statement.

” Firstly, I will say Arewa is a cosmopolitan organization. So, we are not limited to the Hausa/Fulanis or any political party. Also, I can’t speak for myself. This is due to my role as the group’s publicity secretary. But, I will say his view are personal nevertheless”, ACF clerk acclaims.

In the same vein, the Biafran head is more of a chauvinist. He maintains that Nigeria needs equal representation. The system needs a change. Therefore, a refusal will keep northerners ahead of other clans. All other geopolitical regions have competent hands. Let others rule!

Nigerians have spoken.
A lot of views are in the air.
Should Nigerians vote competence over culture?

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