Nigerians react to hike in petrol pump price

Broadcast medias announce the recent in the hike in petrol price lately, causing Nigerians to react varyingly.

Petrol is one of the extracts from crude oil. The mineral is no doubt the concentration of some world economies. As a result, it serves as a large employer of labour in Nigeria. This is against the role played by agriculture before its discovery. To clarify, Nigerians find their jobs in the upstream and downstream sectors. Likewise, citizens also source livelihood as fuel attendants. The petroleum products sels in retail outlets alongside diesel, kerosene and lubricating oil in retail outlets.

In relation to the hike in price, Nigerians from different parts of the country took out time to air their views. A faction of our respondents feel there’s a degree of obscurity in the sector. Most importantly, these sets of people comment on the need to reduce price of petrol. To them, the increase in price is to make it turn a luxury good.

After that, another respondent talked on the effect of the hike on small scale businesses.

He said:

” A lot of us are affected. To start with, poor power supply is a general problem. Many vocational workers like me support our trade with the purchase of petrol. Certainly, our homes depends on it too. What’s the sense the price increase then? “

But, a chat with a cooking gas retailer changes the game. The bloke sees this as the government plan to regulate price. Therefore, this is with regards to the complexities of COVID-19.

What’s your take on this?
Do you think Nigerians are okay with the hike in price?

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