🎞️: Nollywood and TV darling, Tricia Kerry acknowledge in-laws over newborn

Tricia Kerry says her In-laws are like the best fans she’s got

The winds of loneliness and solitude that blows in the mindhall of a barren woman is so disastrous. So, the wild thoughts and shedding of tears becomes a culture. Who will be happy in such state?

Media and TV personality, Tricia Eseigbe-Kerry, announced the coming to life of her girl last month. Certainly, the newborn is the outcome of her several prayer chain.

Tricia Kerry logged:

” It’s been a month now since the birth of my little girl. Firstly, I sing praises to God Almighty. He has been so good to me. Secondly, my sincere gratitude goes to my in-laws. They have been very supportive in times of troubles. Most importantly, I acknowledge them for the prayers. It’s quite affectionate. To sum it up, to my colleagues at Nollywood and my fans – I say a big thank you. God blessings in earnest!”

See Tricia’s photos before and after childbirth:

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