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Adult magazine, Playboy has ended it’s contract with p0rn star, Mia Khalifa due to controversial social media posts supporting Palestine and Hamas amid the Israel-Hamas war.

Hours after Hamas militants launched a surprise attack on Israel on Saturday, October 8 killing hundreds, Khalifa posted a message on social media platforms expressing solidarity with the militants.

Her message, which urged people to stand with Palestinians, quickly attracted attention and criticism from various quarters. She emphasised that those who failed to support Palestinians were on the wrong side of history.

She then called a Hamas attack on an Israeli military vehicle ‘a Renaissance painting’.

Her intention appeared to be preserving a historical record of the struggles faced by Palestinians in their quest for freedom from what she referred to as an “open-air prison.”

Also, Reality star Kylie Jenner, who had posted and later deleted a message expressing support for Israel was challenged by Khalifa who said Jenner had a poor understanding of geopolitics and called for a coherent response.

Mia Khalifa’s social media posts triggered an immediate and significant backlash.

Canadian podcaster and radio host Todd Shapiro, who was Khalifa’s business partner and collaborator in Red Light Holland Corp, swiftly terminated their association, announcing her immediate firing. He vehemently criticised Khalifa for seemingly condoning violence, death, rape, beatings, and hostage-taking, labelling her stance as “disgusting” and “beyond disgusting.”

Late Monday night, Playboy sent a mail to its subscribers informing them it has terminated Khalifa’s contract.

In a statement, the magazine condemned Khalifa’s comments as “disgusting and reprehensible,” particularly her celebration of Hamas’s attacks on Israel.

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