Rema and Ayra Starr
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Rema might already like Ayra Starr


Rema and Ayra Starr

Why not?

  • Two teenagers,
  • Both single,
  • Both singers and popular,
  • Both just started out,
  • Both hot,
  • Good in their craft,
  • In the same label.

There’s a possibility in this claim of Rema having a crush on Ayra Starr.


It’s been said “Like attracts Like”. He also posted Ayra Starr and her new video on his wall congratulating and promoting her as your “new queen”.

Rema's tweet on Ayra Starr

On Ayra Starr instagram story appreciating him:

Ayra Starr Instagram story


We have no proof to back up this claim of the bad commando having crush on Ayra Starr yet, but when there is we’ll surely let you know. And again it’s just a probability not a speculation.

Let’s hear your thoughts on the possibility of this happening in the comment section. You can also check out Rema’s and Ayra Starr’s song by clicking their names. Don’t forget to share so your friends can join in the conversation.



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