Reno Omokri – Why Winners Was Right In Sacking Pastor

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Reno Omokri have released a statement after a man publicized a letter which says that Winners Chapel have sacked him from his role as a pastor after failing to meet expectations.

This news broke out and was a major topic of discussion on social media, causing controversies with some Christians even questioning the right of the Church to sack its pastors.

However, Reno Omokri took to his Facebook page and gave reasons why he thinks the Church was right in the actions they took.

The post reads: “ I read the letter from Winners Chapel and it did not mention anything about money. Rather, it used the word “church growth”. Christ called us to engage in evangelism-Matthew 28:18-20. Any pastor that fails at that core duty should be sacked. This is what Christ told us in Matthew 25:14-29.”

“The sacked pastor who went to the press after releasing a live video is playing on your emotions. He is not considering that he is undermining the faith of believers.”

“In John 15:16, Christ said “I chose you and appointed you that you should go and bear fruit.” Now, ask yourself what the consequence of not bearing fruit is. Christ answered that question in John 15:2 “Every branch in Me that does not bear fruit He takes away”.

“This is why the only thing Christ ever cursed in His lifetime on Earth is the fig tree that bore no fruit-Mark 11:14.”

“Winners Chapel is in order.” Reno Omokri added.

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