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According to authorities,Ryan Smith, a funeral worker was arrested last week after having sex with a life-sized doll that belonged to the deceased man he was tasked with carrying.

Ryan Smith, 41, was arrested on burglary, criminal trespassing, and tampering with physical evidence charges on Friday, Oct. 13. He was quickly sacked from his mortuary work in Omaha.

According to court filings, Smith discovered the sex doll inside the Rock Creek Apartments unit where he and a colleague were ordered to collect the body of a man who died naturally.

They were working for Mid America First Call, which removes, transports, embalms, and cremates bodies.

Later that day, Smith allegedly called the property management and stated the Sarpy County Sheriff’s Office was sending him back to the apartment to retrieve the doll for “a biopsy.”

While checking noises coming from within the unit, which was deadbolted and chain-locked, the manager caught Smith having sex with the doll.

Ryan Smith allegedly then walked out, his clothes dishevelled, and warned the boss that he would return with a warrant for the doll.

The management called the cops and reported the incident, claiming he was concerned the funeral worker would return to break into the flat and steal goods.

When investigators arrived, they observed that some objects inside the unit had been moved since their earlier death investigation.

The Douglas County Crime Lab is currently reviewing fingerprints taken from the relocated objects and intends to request DNA samples from the doll.

Mid America First Call owner Justin Dalton confirmed to WOWT that Smith was fired despite the fact that the offence did not occur on the clock.

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