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The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense has released shocking photos of a devastating Ukrainian soldier who has been captured by Russia.

Mykhailo Dianov, a Ukrainian soldier, was released by the Russian government on Wednesday, September 21 after the UAE facilitated a prisoner exchange between Ukraine and Russia.

Before the capture
Before the capture

Mykhailo Dianov aided in the defense of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol prior to his capture. He became popular in Ukraine after the release of a photo in which he smiles despite suffering a serious arm injury inside the Azovstal steelworks during the early stages of the war.

After release
After release

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Diano claimed he did not receive adequate medical care after four months in a Russian prison.

The Ukranian ministry of defence tweeted on Friday evening;

“Ukrainian soldier Mykhailo Dianov is among the fortunate ones: in contrast with some of his fellow POWs, he survived russian captivity. This is how russia “adheres” to the Geneva Conventions. This is how russia continues the shameful legacy of Nazism.”

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