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There are so many unique and beautiful places in the world that every traveler should visit. A trip to such places is fascinating and inspiring, and most importantly uplifting. If you are in a bad mood, and no trips are planned yet. That site razorsharkfreeslot.com will easily boost and improve your mood.

Well, we start with the list of the most beautiful places in the world.

Kauai, the Oldest Island of the Hawaiian Archipelago

Beauty and spirituality are the first things that come to mind when visiting this volcanic island surrounded by greenery. A lot of cult films were shot here, and every time Kauai appears in them special, its landscape is so diverse: the emerald brightness of the valleys is replaced by a ridge of inaccessible cliffs, and the snow-white sand of the coast suddenly turns into a winding path leading into the depths of a fantastic grotto. Even the climate here is unusual – while the southern coast is flooded with sun, the northern coast can break the record for the number of tropical rains, and all this within one wonderful tropical island!


Northern Lights in the Sky Over Iceland

In addition to the laconic and not overloaded landscapes that attract tourists to Iceland, an absolute magnet is an opportunity to see an incredible natural phenomenon in beauty and saturation – the Northern lights illuminating the sky. But we advise you to take your time and have enough days left to surely catch and enjoy this rare optical effect.


Bora Bora, an Atoll in the Leeward Islands, French Polynesia

If you look at Bora Bora from a bird’s-eye view, you might think that nature has specially created comfortable conditions for recreation in this place, taking care of literally everything. The extinct volcano towering in the center, the slopes of which are overgrown with dense and impenetrable thickets, is surrounded by a ridge of coral reefs consisting of small islands-motu. This arrangement of parts of the atoll has created a unique ecosystem on Bora Bora with crystal clear water and beaches protected from waves.


Dragon Ridge Rice Fields in Longsheng, China

It is difficult to describe the impression when you first step on the “spine” of rice–sown terraces – it seems that this is already some other planet. These serpentine plantations produce a particularly strong effect in the spring. At this time, a special “glass” effect appears, so often reproduced in the photo.


Victoria Falls on the Zambezi River, Zambia, and Zimbabwe

“The smoke that thunders”: so poetically you can translate the local name of the waterfall, given to him by the Kololo tribe. In fact, this is a cascade of water streams, falling from a height twice as high as Niagara Falls, and creating whole clouds of fine spray resembling smoke. This natural masterpiece makes the strongest impression during an excursion on board a helicopter.


Rainbow Mountains of Zhangye Danxia Park, China

The scientific terms “weathering, and erosion” explain the appearance of the geopark, but they cannot convey the stunning effect that the contemplation of the multicolored mountain spurs, hills, and hills produces on tourists who find themselves in the area of the Qilianshan ridge. The rainbow color of the terrain is given by the layers of salts and metal oxides that have come to the surface. It feels like you are inside a watercolor painting!


Amazon, Brazil

The deepest and one of the longest rivers on the planet 2011 was ranked among the seven natural wonders of the world. The Amazon and the rainforest stretching along its course are inhabited by many rare plants, animals, and fish, many of which are relict or endangered.


Railay – Magical Beaches of Krabi Province, Thailand

An excellent opportunity to retire, enjoy the coolness of an extensive cave system or conquer limestone cliffs, soak up the gentle waves, and sunbathe will be presented by the romantic Railay Peninsula, which can only be reached from the mainland by water.

Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany

When the impregnable Neuschwanstein was erected in the southern part of Germany in the XIX century, it immediately became a magnet for all those seeking peace and security. Its fabulous outlines became the prototype of the palace built in Disneyland, in which Sleeping Beauty lived, fell asleep, and then met her love.