UK – Set To Give Nigerians Free Visa



UK has launched a special visa scheme for drivers and farmers. This visa covers immigrant lorry drivers, farmers and poultry workers, as the country is now facing labor shortage.

The UK transport Secretary Grant Shapps affirmed that the scheme would ease the effect of the Global Covid19 pandemic on the country’s haulage and food industry.
The UK is currently battling shortages in these fields aforementioned, which has in turn impeded fuel and goods delivery across the UK, lengthy queues were spotted in some petrol stations on Sunday morning in London while sign posts were setup by others to indicate the absence of fuel. Reports state that the shortage might have been caused by the Global pandemic, Ageing workforce, Brexit, low income and poor working conditions.

In order to soothe this pain which might worsen during the festive period, the UK government is now offering a 3months Visa to drivers from Nigeria and other countries, about 10,000 of drivers and farmers and poultry workers would be recruited ahead of the festive period. The recruitment process would begin by October which is roughly days away now and the successful applicants would work in the UK until Christmas Eve when these visas would expire. But you never know, so call on those your uncles that are drivers and farmers, even aunties, those you’ve never thought their trade would be an exported one, call them and tell them that the world needs them or most appropriately, the UK needs them. Need in quote.

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