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28-year-old Promise Wosu Junior, popularly known as Wene Port Harcourt, is aiming to set a Guinness World record for the longest distance covered on foot.

The Rivers State born, graduated from the University of Port Harcourt, where he studied Accounting. He is currently based in Lagos.

He validated his motive to set a world record for the longest distance covered on foot, in a telephone interview with news outlet, TNN. He revealed that he’ll cover a distance of 606km, from Lagos to Port Harcourt, from the 17th of October to 21st October, 2023.

In the interview with TNN, Promise talked about his motivation, reactions from family, reasons behind his Guinness World record attempt, amongst other things.

Promise Wosu Junior’s interview with TNN:

Reacting to what formed his decision to run from Lagos to Port Harcourt on foot, Promise said, “it’s a very long story and a very sad one actually. I see possibilities where people don’t see that, and I always try to make a difference.

“I might not be an athlete kind of, but I believe that, I have this drive, even right from my family, I left home not knowing anybody in Lagos, survived in the cold, in the hands of strangers I was treated badly, chased out of the house.

“I have faced disappointments, betrayal, so I just want to try out something that is really not possible, I don’t care about the pain, I don’t care about anything, all I care about is fulfilling my mission.

I’m also a photographer and owns a media film in Lagos (Julens films).

I love to see people succeed and this will be a great motivation for people out there to dare the impossible and get the best out of life, I fell into depression since 2019 after hosting two simultaneous failed comedy shows in Isiokpo community, Sabinus helped talked me back to my feet and I left to Lagos for a fresh start and now I’m here.

Nigeria is filled with opportunities and from my record setting, people will expand their thoughts process and get the best out of the country and beyond. It has never been an easy one as no one has supported this journey but I’m determined to do it regardless.

When asked why he chose this particular mission, he said, “well, I think this is just the first of its kind that I’m going to try out, there are other impossible stuff I will try out after this.

On his parents’ reaction over his decision, he said, “yes, they are aware, they took it as a joke because I’m also a comedian and content creator, so they took it as a joke but running from Lagos to Port Harcourt isn’t a funny Joke.

“Even uptil now most people don’t even believe it but come next week Tuesday all eyes will be on Facebook and Instagram, they will see it, I will be in Port Harcourt, on 21st October, 4pm or so.”

Promised explained that, “I will be resting after every 40 kilometers, I will be resting to take water and the rest. I already have software with me; in my watch and my phone to track every distance I cover and the time. So, I will be running at 10 kilometers per hour, but from Lagos State to Ijebu Ode, I intend to run 20 kilometers per hour, so that I can at least cover up from Lagos to Ogun State, then from there I know how to navigate my way.

“This is something I am doing without any one’s advice, because they will always want to talk you down and I even had to go offline on Facebook and Instagram because I don’t want any negative vibe.

“It’s something I prepared right from when I was a kid, because I love adventures, I take pictures, I document things by myself, I don’t really care what anyone want to say about it, once I achieve my aim and my dream I come back to Lagos. My coming back to Lagos is also another story, but let’s just finish this first part. I know it is something that is unbelievable, it will be the first of its kind in Nigeria and Africa.”

He also reacted on the aspect of insecurity in Nigeria. According to him, “there is nothing to fear about, it’s my country, it’s our country, and when they see me with the Nigeria flag, because I will be running with the Nigeria flag, I believe nobody can harm me.

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