September 28, 2022


Now that AFCON has well and truly kicked off, we can now begin to see the impacts that it has had on the African continent as a whole.

This year has been the biggest year for AFCON yet, and unlike previous years, it finally seems that the event has been able to gain worldwide notoriety, and it is much more popular than ever before.

If you love football as much as us, then this is amazing news. The more coverage any sporting event gets, the better.

In this article, we will be taking a look at why the African cup of nations has managed to seemingly blow up in size and scale this year when compared to its previous instalments, as well as also touching upon a few of the reasons why this is something to be celebrated instead of ignored.

  • More Funding & National Interest

Perhaps the main and most notable reason why AFCON has managed to garner much more attention than usual is simply that there is more demand for events like this to take place within Africa.

When it comes to popular events within Africa, there are very few that manage to become large enough to get more than just one nation interested, let alone the whole continent.

Africa is a mind-bogglingly large place, and it really does take something massive in order to warrant the attention of every country.

However, AFCON fits the bill for this criteria, and this leads to people wanting to further its popularity to try and get more people involved.

In turn, this has led to an astronomical increase in funding, as well as adding all the more to the spectacle which is now able to grab the attention of most who happen to learn of its existence.

In addition, apart from just being able to draw sports fans in who are looking to get into the community spirit, there is also another major draw.

Fans of football from all over the world now travel to Africa in order to see some of the most popular players competing at AFCON, and unlike previous years where the majority of the players were mostly unknown, there are now more than just a few famous participants.

  • A Developing Continent

It would be ignorant to not factor in the economics of a location when trying to decipher why a leisure event has managed to receive more attention.

It is no secret that Africa has been a historically poor continent, and only recently has it been able to spare resources on anything more than just basic infrastructure.

If you are unsure as to what kind of situation the inhabitants of Africa now find themselves in, just visit 10bet Africa and take a look at how popular betting is.

There are vast numbers of people who now have spare income to spend on things other than just the bare necessities, and this just goes to incentivise growth all the more.

Sports is a huge industry within Africa, and were it still as impoverished as it was in times of the past, this would just not be the case.

Of course, that’s not to say that everywhere in Africa is now free from financial worry.

However, as a whole, there is no doubt that the continent is in a much better place.


Sports Is Playing a Larger Role In Society
In the modern-day, sports have an incredible presence within society.

Even outside of Africa this can be seen taking place, and almost every country in the world spends billions of dollars a year on sports.

Africa is the exact same in this manner, and in fact, because of the untapped potential the continent has, this phenomenon only occurs to a greater extent.

Betting Africa has never been a smarter decision, and this is exactly what people are doing.

More and more people are beginning to invest in Africa, and as this continues to take place, the demand for sports and other leisurely activities does nothing but increase.

AFCON 2022 has been a joy to watch so far, and if you have yet to tune in, you truly are missing out.

Luckily, there is still more than enough time for you to get involved, and there is still a myriad of anticipated games waiting ahead of us.

This year has been the most successful year yet for the African cup of nations, and if things continue to go this well, it will soon get the reputation it deserves.



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