Biggie queries Tolanibaj for dragging Ilebaye out of Neo’s bed.

Biggie has questioned Tolanibaj, a BBNaija All Stars housemate, over her actions on Thursday night, when she dragged her colleague, Ilebaye, out of her roommate, Neo’s bed.

Tolanibaj chased Ilebaye from Neo’s bed on Thursday night, characterising her as “a wh*re, desperate b*tch who jumps from man to man.”

During Tolanibaj’s diary session on Friday afternoon, Biggie asked: “Was Ilebaye the only one who didn’t sleep in her bed? and she replied: “She’s the only one. And it’s not even about her not sleeping in her bed. It’s like she is just disrespecting me. Had she just stayed in her room, I wouldn’t have felt any disrespect in my own room. That’s what I’m saying.”

Again, Biggie asked: “Was she in your room to see you?” and Tolanibaj replied: “Well, she came to see the person I was talking to. Right when I was talking, that’s where she disrespected me.”

Big Brother asked if the person Ilebaye came to see sent her away, and Tolanibaj replied that they both walked out of the room after their conversation. Biggie then asked: “So, why did you think the onus was on you to send her away?” and she replied: “Because the back and forth was between myself and Ilebaye.”

Biggie told Tolanibaj that there’s no room called Tolanibaj’s room in Big Brother’s house.


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