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Sportcliq is an online sports social media platform, focused on sharing latest sport content and real time updates across different leagues and category.

Users get live score update in England Premier League, Spanish La Liga, Germany Bundesliga, Italy Serie A, France Ligue One, England Championship, UEFA Champions League, Europa League, Europa Conference League and over 10,000 other leagues across the globe.

Get information about Male and Female Leagues, Live fixtures, previous matches, Team Head-to-Head, Match Stats and Details, team comparison, League Standing, Individual voting predictions and more. Also get information about team performance and forms, Top Scorers, Player’s Stats, Coach Stats and Team Stats.

Engage other sports lovers in sport related activities onSportcliqs through the comment section and react to other users’ comments on as well.

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Sportcliqs App is a product owned by Baynet Fuse Limited.

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