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Anthony Taylor has been demoted to the Championship after delivering a controversial penalty to Newcastle against Wolves on Saturday.

A week after the contentious decision, the Premier League referee will supervise Preston vs. Coventry in his first Championship match since 2019.

Anthony Taylor came under fire from a variety of sources after awarding the visitors the penalty at Molineux, which gave the Magpies the lead in the first half.

The whistler directed to the spot when Hwang Hee-chan knocked down Fabian Schar while attempting to clear the ball, and VAR confirmed his decision.

Jarred Gillett, the official on duty at Stockley Park, took his time but ultimately decided not to send Anthony Taylor to his monitor for a second look at the incident.

Wolves were unable to secure a victory at home. Hence,  2-2 draw at home, but came from behind twice to ensure a share of the spoils on a difficult afternoon for manager Gary O’Neil.

O’Neil, who has already spoken out on officiating issues after Wolves were subjected to two more contentious decisions this season against Manchester United and Luton Town, termed Taylor’s judgement “scandalous.”

O’Neil – who has previously been outspoken on refereeing issues after Wolves were on the receiving end of two more controversial decisions against Manchester United and Luton Town this season – called Taylor’s call ‘scandalous’.

‘(Newcastle’s) second goal was never ever a penalty, ever.’ He told Sky Sports.

‘It was a terrible decision on-field and from VAR (but) we managed to bounce back.’

Hwang – who went on to score the equaliser – said that he was ‘saddened’ by the decision.

‘I’d tried to clear the ball and saw someone block me. I stopped and he touched me – I don’t think it was a penalty,’ he said.

‘I felt so sad and really wanted to do something for my team. Everybody said ‘You can do it.” They gave me trust and I scored.’

Off the pitch, Wolves fans crowed ‘Premier League – corrupt as f*** ‘ in response to the penalty given.

Anthony Taylor during wolves vs Newcastle match
Anthony Taylor during wolves vs Newcastle match

Anthony Taylor is not the first Premier League official to be demoted to the Championship this season as a result of poor officiating.

Adrian Holmes was appointed to run the line for Millwall against Hull in October after mistakenly ruling Luis Diaz’s goal offside during the much-discussed VAR controversy when Liverpool faced Tottenham in north London.

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