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Former Guinness World Record holder and top Nigerian chef, Hilda Baci, a has generated mixed reactions online by visiting the Guinness World Records offices in London.

Hilda was welcomed like a queen at the Guinness World Records headquarters at Canary Wharf, London’s South Quay Plaza.

She took to her Instagram platform to share a video of herself having a wonderful time with the crew.

“@guinnessworldrecords called and I pulled,” she wrote.

Recall that the 27-year-old lost her record after Guinness World Record announced an Irish chef Alan Fisher as the latest world record holder for ‘The longest cooking marathon’

Congratulating Alan, Hilda wrote:

“Just as Chef Lata respectfully acknowledged the new record holder by updating her bio and later fine-tuning the wording, I’ve adjusted mine too.

“Achieving such a record is no small feat, and I know this firsthand. I have only the greatest admiration for the hard work it took for Alan to reach such heights.

“Sportsmanship is about recognizing progress, whether the accolade is in my bio or not. I remain a record-holder in spirit and in history. Let’s celebrate achievement and the spirit of competition.

“I’m so happy to have held a record so prestigious and profound that I will forever be honored and grateful for all the love and support.”