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Talented fast rising Nigerian artist, Kozykid has released his much anticipated debut EP, titled “Kozy As Fuck”. This EP has a total of 6 tracks, 1 of which was released in 2022.



Daniel Ogwu Chukura, professional known as Kozykid, has released his debut pack of songs as an EP, “Kozy As Fuck“. The 6-track EP had one of its tracks, titled “YKTV” You Know The Vibe (in full) released in August, 2022.


Kozy As Fuck Tracklist:

1. Ice On My Chain

2. My Side

3. Article

4. Space & Time


6. Redemption

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Speaking to Guardian Life about “YKTV“, Kozykid explained that the song symbolises his rebirth, & offers hope to others like him.

He said,

“YKTV was inspired by the transition between my past and my present day. In this song, I’m telling a story of how a fly looking youngin (Me) is being envied and closely monitored by ops but in this time has no fear despite the negative mindset and bad intentions from his ops. 

Where I’m from, it’s almost impossible for a youngin to be successful in peace but YKTV is a morale booster, one that every other youngin can cling to just to show that in the end, they will always come out victorious despite any challenge.”



Kozy As Fuck” EP is a melodic body of work, with all tracks produced by Musestrokes, mixed & mastered by Swap (Track 1, 2, 5 & 6) , Demetrius Bell (mixed only* Track 3) , Jaylon (Track 4). Instrument for track 1, 2 & 5 done by Micky Guitarist.

The EP kicks off with “Ice On My Chain” as the first track.

The song starts with a single note, & ‘yea‘ chants, picking up bass strokes which leads up to the lyrics. This track talks about ‘the hustle.’ Propped with a powerful but gentle flowing rhythm, “Ice On My Chain” preaches about ‘soft life’ (peaceful life), & craving it.

Lyrics from “Ice On My Chain”:

Focus on the money 

I’m gon’ grind till I die


We try to make it out of nothing o

We try to get the bag & get the money 

Live my life exceptional


The 2nd & 3rd tracks, “My Side” & “Article” expresses romantic love & affection. “My Side” has a silky beat, which is accompanied by periodic guitar tunes. “Article” utilizes the beauty of accompanying lyrics with low frequency beats.

The 4th track, “Space & Time” can be likened to the 2nd & 3rd tracks, but differs. Although “Space & Time” is on the topic of romance, it drives the notion of seeking some free time away from this budding romantic affair.

The 6th track titled “Redemption” highlights past ugly experiences & struggles, but doesn’t stop there. It expresses worry about the future; its uncertainty, & the involvement of enemies. Whilst, the individual here has overcome this challenges & offers thanks to God (referred to as ‘Jah‘ in the song). The individual reckons overcoming more that is to come.


Kozykid‘s new EP, “Kozy as Fuck” is a terrific assemble of well grounded Afrobeat sounds. The musical composition is rich, & displays mastery of the craft—the lyrics, top notch & very true to each track. “Kozy As Fuck” is definitely a must listen!

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