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Fast rising American rapper, Isis Naija Gaston popularly known as Ice Spice, teams up with ‘Calm Down’ crooner, Rema, for new song Pretty Girl.

Ice Spice made announcement about the song on social media on 11 October, 2023. News about Ice Spice & Rema’s collaboration was welcomed by fans, who showed their excitement via comment. The song was later released on 13 October, 2023.

Pretty Girl by Ice Spice featuring Rema, is a 2 minutes & 17 seconds track, written by Ice Spice & Rema, with Blake Slatkin, Ephrem Lopez & Jasper Harris.

Ice Spice’s new single Pretty Girl is delightful. The instrumental for the song made by RiotUSA is beautifully cooked, & comes off as being simple, yet vibrant. US music inc. Rolling Stone, described Pretty Girl as “simple and full of delicate synths until breaking out into fluttering polyrhythmic percussion.

Pretty Girl is a love song about affection, commitment, & trust. The lyrical composition is beautiful; catchy & relatable. Ice Spice raps about affection:

Lookin’ at you got my eyes wide, damn (Got my eyes wide)

Lookin’ at you got my eyes wide, damn, so outta this world like sci-fi (Grrah)

Lookin’ at you got my eyes wide, damn (Lookin’ at you got my eyes wide)

Lookin’ at you got my eyes wide, damn, so outta this world like sci-fi

Yeah, you the one, there’s no number two

If I had three wishes, I’d waste ’em on you

Watch what you say, got faces on me

No waist is on me

Yeah, yeah, oh


I ain’t been in love in a minute

Don’t know what it was, but you get it (Uh-huh)

Big three words out ya mouth and you meant it

You can get it, play your cards right, bet it (Mhm, grrah)

It’s our life, so baby, let’s live it

Haters super mad, we got ’em all livid (All livid, grrah)

Thinkin’ ’bout my future, got you all in it (Like)

Shootin’ for the stars, the sky has no limit (Grrah)


The chorus sang by Rema, expresses intent to groom ‘this love’ & urges commitment, as seen in the lyrics:

Yeah, pretty gyal, me no do no kiss and tell

As long as you treat me well, I will treat you more than gem

Me no send my chain, you are my real flex

Oya, yeah, gimme promise, you ain’t gonna bail on me

Pretty Girl is Ice Spice’s 3rd music release of 2023, with Princess Diana (with Nicki Minaj) & Deli, being first & second. 

Ice Spice & Rema performed Pretty Girl on the season 49 premiere of Saturday Night Live, 14 October, 2023.

Watch Pretty Girl featuring Rema Music Video:
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