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Controversial Twitter personality, Daniel Regha has shared his opinion on Nigerian singer, Shallipopi‘s debut album.

The controversial statement, which Regha posted on his Twitter profile, discussed his belief that Shallipopi’s first album, “Presido La Pluto,” was written with “Yahoo boys” and weed smokers in mind.

Regha did not hold back when he called the album’s lyrical material “a complete zero,” even though he agreed that it featured some amazing rhythms.

Additionally, he drew attention to the lack of originality in the song “Iyo,” which purportedly featured a sample of Fabo Mo’s “Itendo” by Shallipopi.

Regha found solace in the fact that he thought the song “Jungle” was better. He ended his Twitter tirade with a tepid “no offence,” implying that his words were just his personal viewpoint, despite the harshness of his criticism.

In his words:

“Shallipopi’s debut album (Presido La Pluto) is a 1/10; The album is made for yahoo boys & weed smokers. The beats were very catchy, but lyrically speaking the songs are a zero.

“Furthermore, in the track “lyo”, he kinda sampled “Itendo”, a song by Fabomo who’s another popular Edo artiste. The only manageable track off the album is Jungle. No offense.”

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