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Teniola Apata, also known as Teni, has opened up about being warned she had a possibly fatal throat infection.

Teni admitted to having a throat infection while working on her second album, “Tears of the Sun.”

This occurred only a few months after she spoke up to her fans about her challenges with weight loss.

She said that after several incidents of temporary vocal loss, doctors encouraged her to undergo a major operation to prevent permanent voice loss.

She was admitted to the hospital in September after experiencing recurring bouts of tiredness.

Teni shared a video of her journey, which includes her in the hospital, despite the fact that she didn’t have surgery but was still receiving therapy.

The singer gave her fans a genuine assurance at the end of the video that her new album, “Tears of the Sun,” would be released on November 17.

She continued by saying that “Malaika,” one of her singles, is her song of thanksgiving to God.

“Testimony time. When you finally get to hear this album, I want you to listen from your heart, embrace it with your soul, and I want you to know that I gave it my all and spoke my truth, straight from my heart, against all odds. Tears of the Sun,” she wrote.

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