How did Nigerians celebrate World First Aid Day amidst COVID-19?

First Aid and First Aid Education is a discrete part of health education. The broad concepts involve attending to emergencies. These emergencies range from motor to home and field accidents. Oftentimes, the goal of dealing with these emergencies is saving lives. Aside that, there’s also a subsidiary motive to prevent injury severity.

Red cross societies and emergency units of hospitals play crucial roles in this regard. They saddle themselves with the responsibility of informing the public extensively. So, these pieces of information contain tips on how to administer First Aid treatments.

Yesterday, September 12th, marks the celebration of World First Aid day in Nigeria.

In respect to the milieu, Nigerians put a call through to newsrooms from their comfort zones. This is with regards to the surging break out of COVID-19. Consequently, the callers regret their inability to organise parades. Analysing the receipt of the calls, the dangers of the road accidents forms the crux. Therefore, many promise to be quick at adminstering first aid in case of emergencies.

Similarly, the Lagos division of TVC news did anchor a program to enlighten their viewers. During, the show got a lot of engagements. An indication that a great faction of the citizenry are following the trend. Tips, though numerous, were given on how to attend to emergencies.

How remarkably did you celebrate World First Aid day?

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