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Whether it’s producing the music for the first ever BET CYPHER that featured Nigerian rap artists in 2011 ( Naeto C, Mi Abaga, Sasha to name but a few), being interviewed by Ebro on his Beats1 show on Apple Music, or having Sir Elton John name and list his single Padeya as part of his top 100 playlist and include it in his show, “Rocket Hour”, IBK Spaceshipboi is a music force to be reckoned with and now he’s back with the best he has ever created yet.

IBK Spaceshipboi – You Too Much

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When did you move to the US from Nigeria and why?

– I moved state side in 2019 for one reason and one reason only, I got married *smiley face*

Has your music and other creativity come more easily since you migrated?

– Not quite. It pretty much is the same as I tend to transport myself mentally to different spaces and times to help facilitate what I am trying to create. Some times I download a picture of whatever I believe will help evoke the emotion I am trying to communicate and this I can do regardless of location. The only difference is the ease of accessibility to the tools needed to create. It was more of a hassel back home

We are sorry about the passing of your dear friend, Sound Sultan. How have you been coping with the grief?

– Sound Sultan was one of the coolest people I got to meet and had an opportunity to work with. We were colleagues in the same industry and everywhere we ran into each other whilst doing our thing, it was all love. So glad to see his legacy still lives on. The Reality CHQ album is one of my best releases for 2022 and I am glad to see the support it is getting from all who love Sound Sultan.

What can we expect from you in the coming months surrounding your music?

– My new project in the works is called SECOND COMING. It is indicative of my return to the music scene as an artist and also a nod to the Second coming of Christ Jesus. The album will be a compendium of different genres that I love and grew up listening to. The first single (YOU TOO MUCH) is a fusion of high-life and Juju with a sprinkle of the mordern day Afrobeats. The SECOND COMING album promises to be a body of work that will take you on the ride of your life as a lover of different genres of music.

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